TMAX Pouch Cell Production Ship to Argentina



On the last day of August, TMAX successfully shipped 13 containers of pouch cell production line.The output of this production line is 300 to 500pcs /day. The main machine list is as follows:


Product name Qty(set)   Product name Qty(set)
100 Liter Planetary Vacuum Mixer


  Insulation resistance tester 1
Roll To Roll Transfer Coating Machine 2   Ultrasonic Spot Welder 2
NMP solvent processing system 1   Automatic Forming Machine 1
Automatic slurry feeding system 2   Top&Side Edge Sealing Machine 1
Laser thickness measurement device 1   Automatic Electrolyte Filling Machine 1
X-ray thickness measurement device 1   Pouch Cell Hot Press Pressure Formation Machine 3
Roll to Roll Electrode Hot Rolling Press Machine 2   Final Sealing Machine 1
Automatic Double Servo High Speed Die Cutting Machine 2   256 Channel Pouch Cell Charging and Discharging Tester 10
450L Three Layer Programmable Vacuum Drying Oven 8   96 Channel Battery Charging and Discharging Tester 5
Automatic Stacking Machine 2   3 In 1 Semi-Automatic Battery Edge Trimming Ironing Folding Machine 1
Pouch Cell Hot/Cold Press Machine 1   Dehumidification and Drying System 1




TMAX participated in the 2022 World Battery Industry Expo
On August 10, 2022, TMAX participated in the Guangzhou 2022 World Battery Industry Expo (WBE 2022). We will continue to pursue product improvement as always. The popular items in this exhibition include: coin cell laboratory line, pouch cell laboratory linecylindrical cell laboratory linecylindrical cell pack assembly line.
TMAX provides customers with a complete battery solution!


TMAX Semi Auto Battery Pack Assembling Line Machine Shipped to Thailand



Project Details:


In June 2022, we deliver one container battery pack assembling line machine to Thailand, this is the first batch of the project. Mainly includes: Battery testing machineauto spot welding machinebattery sorterPVC heat shrinking machinepaper sticking machinenickel strip cutting machineaging machineCCD TesterBMS tester etc.


If you want more products or more detailed information, please contact us.


Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences Purchased A Batch Of Equipment From TMAX


Recently, Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences purchased a batch of pouch cell/coin cell machines from TMAX, including pouch cell forming machinepouch cell final sealerultrasonic spot welderdrying ovenpneumatic die cutterelectric hot roller press machinecoin cell crimper and so on, more than 10 sets machines.


TMAX can provide a complete set of coin cell/pouch cell/cylindrical cell/battery pack machines for assembly line and production line, as well as the corresponding complete solutions. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Long Term Cooperation with Australian Customers



Pouch cell lab pilot line & Cylindrical cell lab pilot line for battery research.


With more than 20 years of industry experience in the R&D and production of lithium battery equipment, Tmax have successfully helped Australian customers to complete the construction of the Lab battery line factory. We have been cooperating with it’s subsidiary corporation from 2021, and maintain the good relationship continuously. Until 2022, we have been cooperating .


May our friendship last forever.


 TMAX 18650 21700 26650 32700 Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line for Indian Clients



Project Details:

In June, TMAX 18650 21700 26650 32700 Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line for Indian Clients is ready. And Tmax can provide Indian representative to provide onsite installation and operation guidance for customers.


Basic Information

Battery type:18650, 12700, 26650,32700 cylindrical battery

Max capacity: 3.6V 6Ah.

Daily productivity:500nos pack

Battery pack max size: 650*300mm


Machine List:


Product Name


Product Name


5V 3A 512Ch Battery Tester


Auto CCD Tester


5V 5A 512Ch Battery Tester


Nickel Strip Cutter


5V 10A 256Ch Battery Tester


PVC Heat Shrinking Machine


5V 100A 8 Ch Battery Tester


BMS Tester


2-1 Battery Pasting and Sorting Machine


Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester


8000A Manual DC Spot Welder


100V 100A 8 Ch Battery Tester


8000A Auto Double Sides Spot Welder


30V 50A 8 Ch Battery Tester


Auto CCD Tester


100V 60A 8 Ch Battery Tester

TMAX Russian Agency Participated In The Electron Expo 2022



Recently, our Russian agency “ООО "ЭСТ-СМТ" / Ltd. "EST-SMT"” attended the exhibition “Electron Expo 2022” in Moscow, from 12-14 April. They displayed part of TMAX machines, like ultrasonic spot weldercylindrical cell grooving machinemanual type cylindrical cell crimping machinelab bar/film applicator coating machine and so on, which popular with many visitors.




Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line in India2022-03-14


In March 14th, the Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line designed by Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited for our Indian customers was successfully completed the production and delivery.


Tmax also have Indian agents who can provide on-site installation service.We can customize the detail one-stop solutions according to your battery pack information, choose Tmax for better cooperation.


Process Product Name
Single Cell Testing 5V3A&6A 512 Channel Cylindrical Battery Tester
Internal resistance and voltage of battery testing 11 Channel Cylindrical Battery Sorter with computer
Spot Welding Automatic 8000A Double-Sided Spot-Welding machine
Manual 8000A Spot Welding Machine
BMS Testing 32 series BMS Tester with software
Battery Pack Comprehensive Function Testing 100V 200A Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester



Two Containers of Pouch Cell Machines Ship to USA




In December, 2021, one pouch cell pilot line ordered by US customer is ready for ship. All the machine voltage are customized to 208V, 60hz. The pouch cell pilot line includes 52 machines,  from mixing to testing. TMAX provides full solutions for lab/pilot/production scale coin cell, cylindrical cell, pouch cell, prismatic cell, battery pack making according to customer’s actual needs.

If you are interesting in this, feel free to contact with us.

Large Electrode Roller Press, Electrode Mixer, Hydraulic Press To Apple Inc.

In November, 2021, TMAX shipped Electrode Roller Press(roller size: 300*400mm), 50L Electrode Mixer, 50Ton Hydraulic Punching Press to Apple Inc.. All the machines are customized with specific power supply and using UL certified electrical parts.


TMAX accept the different needs of machines from different countries and customize them according to these requirements. TMAX will send videos and pictures for customers' confirmation before shipment, and are committed to bringing customers the best shopping experience and best products.




TMAX Equipment Upgrade of the Russian Regular Customer 

The cylindrical battery production line ordered by the regular Russian customer of TMAX is now  shipped, which includes mixer, electrode roller press machine, sealing machine for cylindrical cell, battery testers, electrode coating machine and other lithium battery assembly machines. These equipment can double the production capacity for customers. TMAX's two engineers will go to Russia for installation and commissioning next month. 

TMAX always committed to providing customers with the best equipment and services. A big thank you to the regular customer's support as always.





Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line for Egyptian EV Battery Factory


Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited signs a contract with a Egyptian battery factory,  this a production line for lithium battery 18650 battery packs manufacturing,  the project has been started up successfully, everything goes well!   


Choose TMAX, you will win a better future!



Complete 18650 Production Line Export to Uzbekistan


In February 2021, Uzbek customers ordered the cylindrical battery pilot production line, 18650 battery production formula and battery pack assembly machine from Tmax company. 

After four months of production and commissioning, all the machines have been finished.

At the end of June, we send out all equipment with spare parts to the customers.






Battery Pack Assembly Equipment Line To India



In February,2021, TMAX sold a full set of 18650 battery pack assembly machine to India.These equipments are used for the battery pack manufacturing of electric vehicles (including automatic single-sided spot welding machine, printer, battery insulation paper sticking machine, 11 channel battery sorter, battery BMS tester, battery heat shrinker, battery aging machine, comprehensive tester, etc.)


TMAX company accepts customization, which can meet the needs of customers. The Indian customer needs sorting machine with scanning function. The 2D barcode reader will read the serial number and measure the resistance / voltage. Through PC software, store the data.At the same time, we can shoot the running machine after the production, promise let you be 100% assured.


TMAX battery equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in lithium battery industry for many years, which can provide you with the most suitable solutions, high-quality services and high-quality products.

If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us.





Full Set of Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembly Line Equipment to Belgium


Full Set of Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembly Line Equipment to Belgium


On December 2020, Tmax sold out a whole line 18650 battery pack assembly machine to Bikebat bv Company in Belgium.Those equipment are used for EV Battery Pack Making.(Include Single Side Spot Welding Machine with host computer systemBattery Insulation Paper Sticking Machine;13 Channel Battery SorterBMS TesterBattery Pack Comprehensive Tester;Battery Pack Heat Shrinking Machine;Aging Machine etc.)


About half a month later, this customer ordered seven cabinets 70V Aging Machine from us again, it is now officially completed and all delivered.At the same time, our company can also customize the spot welding machine with host computer system which can connect MES system.


TMAX Battery Equipment Limited Company specialized in the lithium battery pack industry, can provide "one-stop"solution for you, provide a "Turn Key"project for you.If you are interesting in this, feel free to contact with us.





TMAX Participated In World Battery Industry Expo 2020


On August 18, 2020,  Xiamen TMAX Battery Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in one-week world battery industry expo and achieved satisfactory results.
Xiamen TMAX Battery Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide a complete set of battery equipment for battery production. During the exhibition, they exhibited coin cell laboratory assembly equipment linecylinder cell laboratory assembly equipment line and pouch cell laboratory assembly equipment line, including battery pack assembly line, attracting many potential customers.

At the same time, world battery industry expo provides specialized services for all participating enterprises. It belongs to "buyer customized service" and build the best communication platform for suppliers and user organizations in the industry chain.





Regular Russian customers place orders again


Thank you Russian customers who have cooperated with us for three years for their support and trust in our company.

A total of four devices were purchased for this order. They are customized two 18650 winding machines, a battery roller press, and a large Vacuum drying oven. After a month and a half of customization time, it is now officially completed and delivered.


Looking forward to future cooperation.







Multiple battery lab machine lines completed


Multiple battery lab machine lines completed

In February 2020, we received a consultation email from surepower materials, Inc of USA. on how to make coin cell batteries, cylindrical batteries and punch cell batteries. After our engineers know their experiment purpose, experiment production demand ect, and recommend suitable machine equipment such as Roll sliiting machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine and Cutter Machine to them. After the discussion of their technicians and the competition with more than ten companies, we have gained advantages in price, quality and service. We signed the contract in mid February.


Our company adheres to the principle of "customer first". Even in the face of the epidemic, we still stick to our work. After two months of overtime production, we delivered the goods on time in May, which did not fail to meet the expectations of our customers.







Another Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up by TMAX



In September 2019, the purchase and doctor of Xiangtan University visited our factory and visited our sample room of the battery lab line. They were very satisfied with Tmax's equipment. After one afternoon's negotiation, they settled the details of the equipment to be purchased and the service terms.
In October 2019, Xiangtan University officially signed a contract with Tmax and completed the down payment within one week. In December 2019, they completed the balance payment, all machines (glove box, roller press, sealing machine, electrode die cutter, pouch cell cup forming machine, etc.) were delivered to Xiangtan University. After one-day installation and commissioning on December 12, 2019, all machines passed the inspection of the university. After three days of careful training, the research people of the Xiangtan University had already well known the operation process of all equipment. 

Thanks to the cooperation of Xiangtan University.







Custom Coating Machine Successfully Through Trial Production


On August 25, 2019, they had successfully installed a production coater. And has successfully passed the two-day test.


The customer is very satisfied with the equipment. Said that they will purchase two more in the next month.


We appreciate the support of our customers and will continue to provide them with the best service.







    Tmax's Products In The 17th Titanium Alloy Exhibition



 Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited was invited to participate in the 17th Titanium Alloy Exhibition. 

Our main exhibition products are Vacuum Sintering Melting Furnace, Vacuum High Frequency Melting 
Furnace, Vacuum Suspension Melting Furnace, Vacuum Carbon Tube Furnace









Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland



In January 2019, the University of Eastern Finland visited the TMAX factory. And on the same day, signed a contract with TMAX for the pouch cell experimental line order. After two months of production, TMAX has completed 10 sets equipment (including Forming Machine, Die Cutting Machine, Roller Press, Coater, Mixer, Ultrasonic Spot Welder, etc.). 


On March 10, the University of Eastern Finland came to the TMAX factory for inspection. They are very recognized for our equipment. On March 15, 2019, all equipment were shipped by air under freight insurance.


We hope to have the opportunity to work again with the University of Eastern Finland.





Cooperation With Cambridge University


The cooperation with Cambridge University is very enjoyable.


At the end of December 2018, Professor Michael of Cambridge University purchased a planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer and a roller press from our company. After less than a month of production, it has now been shipped. Professor Michael has high requirements for the quality and performance of the products. I hope our machines can get his approval.


We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to do business with Cambridge University in the future.







TMAX and Tulane University's third cooperation



Professor Liang of Tulane University (Department of Physics and Engineering Physics) purchased more than ten devices with TMAX on November 25, 2018. These devices were shipped on January 5, 2019, including: 5-Position Programmable Dip Coater, Roller Press Machine, Coin Cell Cutter, Electrode Coater, 1200°C Muffle Furnace, etc.


This is the third time TMAX has worked with Tulane University, with orders for more than $150,000 in the past year. TMAX has become the best supplier of Tulane University in China.


Thanks to the cooperation of Tulane University.








Successful Delivery of One Production Line


A Russian manufacturer of lithium batteries purchased a small pouch cell production line from Tmax in July this year. 


The machine includes 5 Liter Tri-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine, Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine, Electrode Die Cutter,Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine, Oil Pressure Control Roller Press Machine Diameter, Semi-Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine, Stacking Machine, and the like.


On September 30th, these machines were shipped in a 40HQ container.


In the near future, they also intends to purchase a cylindrical battery production line from Tmax. 


Look forward to long-term cooperation with them.